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We are thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with Stapleton Insurance Group.

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Just as lawyers and doctors specialize in particular areas of law or medicine, Benefit Plan Alternatives specializes in employee benefit planning. In particular, our expertise is the sales and service of non-retirement benefit plans. Whether fully insured or self-insured, Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability and Voluntary coverage are core products for us. Creative funding options are a special niche. Our philosophy is one of “roll up our sleeves” and “get the job done” whether we are talking about assisting HR with a smooth transition, solving claims problems for employees or satisfying the financial demands of the C Suite at your company.

The corporate benefit world has gotten more complex with every new law. Navigating the ACA law has pushed many HR professionals to the limit. BPA is proud of our partnership with clients in helping them deal with the legislative complexities that they face. We make the task at hand easy and understandable so busy HR Managers can make decisions and move forward.

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Strategic Benchmarking

  • How can I make decisions easier and with more confidence?
  • Do my competitors have an advantage over me?
  • Am I paying too much?

ON POINT Risk Reduction

  • What business decisions have added risk and added cost?
  • Can reducing risk control the cost of your benefit plans?
  • 15 actionable steps to position your benefit plans for the future

Integrated Payroll/HRIS

  • Perfect for busy HR departments, reduces workload, eases burdens
  • Employee friendly Payroll and Benefits (this is what employees care about most)
  • Satisfy the C Suite with the most cost effective solution