ON POINT Risk Reduction Plan

Build a home on a flood plain…pay higher home owners insurance premiums because of the extra risk

Rack up too many speeding tickets….pay higher car insurance premiums because of the extra risk

Produce a defective product that causes injury to others…pay higher product liability premiums because of the extra risk

Incur frequent workmen’s comp claims…pay high WC premiums because of the extra risk

High risk and premiums go hand in hand. Your employee benefit plans are no different. Your benefit plans are rated on your risks. Reducing risk helps reduce cost. That is what the ON POINT Risk Reduction Plan is all about.

ON POINT Risk Reduction…

Fifteen actionable steps for your business to reduce risk, save time and save money NOW on their employee benefit plans.

Today’s best-in-class businesses work hard to reduce risk. Employers have saved millions of dollars by reducing risk on their worker’s compensation, product liability, company vehicles and quality control planning. Little has been done to reduce risk in employee benefit plans. Wellness plans, defined contribution and limited network options have all fallen flat. ON POINT changes that. You can begin to reduce risk and control cost today. And…best of all, we handle the implementation for you. It couldn't be easier!

BPA has been quietly reducing risk for clients since 1981. Some of our techniques are straight forward and some are more complex. All are designed to position your company to take advantage of the best plans and options the market has to offer.

Common Benefit Plan Risk Factors

In your benefit plan greater risk and greater cost can result from many factors.
Some of the factors that ON POINT Risk Reduction considers are: 

  • Advancing Age
  • Male/Female makeup
  • Turnover of employees
  • Dependents on the plan
  • Insuring Disabled persons
  • Benefit Plan design
  • Ineffective use of Wellness Plans
  • Poor administrative procedures
  • Lack of directed oversight by CEO/CFO
  • Poor tax planning
  • Ineffective personnel policies
  • Failure to capitalize on Governmental programs
  • Focus on Media Hype rather than proven strategy

ON POINT positions your business to take advantage of the strategies used by major corporations to reduce their benefit costs. Our program helps your business win at keeping costs low and win at retaining the best employees. 

Implementing ON POINT is easy. Get onboard today, stop spinning your wheels with benefit strategies that frustrate you and your employees. Move forward with intention, with a long term plan in mind!

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